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More and more institutions are choosing to implement our support aids, which makes us very happy. On this page, we have collected the information, that our institution customers ask for, so that you get an overview of what the support aids from Mobilize Me ApS can do for you. Our support aids does not only aid the users – they are also a helping hand for their support persons.
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”The support aids also helps the personnel. They handle many of the trivial issues, which gives the personnel time to do other tasks”
Martin - Mobilize Me
Per Sundall Pedersen
Project manager at CSBB, Municipality of Copenhagen

PlaNet creates coherence

PlaNet creates coherence in the pedagogical effort, because the support persons can share knowledge and follow each other’s communication with the user.

That way double bookings are avoided, and the user gains ownership of the planned activities. Additionally, you can start conversations and connect them to an activity, so all communication about the activity is gathered in one place.

The result is an active and coherent effort, which centers around the user and creates an equal communication

Training and implementation

Mobilize Me offers a training course to institutions, to ensure that the support aids provides as much value as possible in your day to day life. Our experience is, that this is the most effective way to implement our support aids, as it kick starts the process and the personnel feels ownership of the support aids.

After a training course, you have:

  • Gained knowledge about our support aids and how to use them effectively.
  • Used the tools in a professional context, which is tailored to your needs.
  • A thorough documentation and evaluation of the course, ensuring a link between management and the responsible implementation team.
  • A solid foundation for considering further operation.

The training is tailored to your daily life, so that we can address the issues, that are specific to you. This means that we teach you based on your reality, and the challenges you face.

This is done by focusing on specific cases from your institution, which tells us exactly what you need.


Acces to Mobilize Me costs 130 euro for a whole year. The price includes a license for the person in need af structure + up to five licenses for the support network.

If you are an institution or school, and you are looking for acces to Mobilize Me, please contact us. We’ll find a price based on your needs.

IT security

Mobilize Me ApS provides support aids for a long list of municipalities and different kinds of institutions. That is why we naturally have IT security as one of our highest priorities, and we make sure that our providers live up to the current security standards.


Our hosting center is situated in Denmark, which means that it regularly undergoes controls, and that it follows all relevant EU directions.

Data storage

Sensitive data is not stored locally on the device – however, all information is stored in a cloud based solution, and all traffic between the hosting center and the device is strongly encrypted.

This means that if a user loses their device, we quickly can remove access to their content. This is why we require that both users and staff have personal log-ins.

Measurable effects

Mobilize Me and PlaNet saves time when it comes to coordinating, and ensures sharing of knowledge between different professional teams. Furthermore, the support aids create coherence in the daily life of the user, and reaches them them on their own terms.

Saves time and ensures knowledge sharing

PlaNet and Mobilize Me is used by teachers and caregivers in different institutions, who says this about using the support aids:

  • Saves time when it comes to coordinating
  • Creates a better cohesion
  • Ensures knowledge sharing
  • Frees resources for the professional effort
  • Optimizes work hours
  • Ensures improved coordination
  • Can be used as a part of professional documentation, because of the high quality of security measures
  • Involves the user as a part of the documentation

Your effort – and the effects gained from this – can be documented through different data extractions, which we can adjust specifically according to your wishes.

IT Security Guide

You can read our IT security guide here:

IT security guide

We use a 2048 bit encryption key.

All traffic is SSL encrypted, which means that your data are secure, even when using open networks.

Dorthe Stricker


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