PlaNet is the user’s personal calendar and the support person’s pedagogical tool. PlaNet stands for Plan + Network, and as a user, you have the opportunity to utilize your support system to create a structure, which makes your everyday life as good as possible.


PlaNet is a support tool for structure, and it systematizes your daily life and improves the contact between the user and their support persons.

The method is an easy-to-understand day planner/calendar, which gives a better overview and offers support to manage the activities, that the user finds particularly challenging.


PlaNet is developed for people with cognitive challenges, and for other people who need more support than a regular calendar can provide.

You can add as many support persons as needed, but you can also just manage your own plan.

A support person is e.g. a primary caregiver, a teacher or a mentor.


PlaNet helps increase the independence of the user, and gradually reduce their need for support.

All support persons have access to the same information, which ensures an active and coherent effort. At the same time, PlaNet saves time on coordination and planning.

How does it work?

PlaNet is an app that works on the following platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android smartphone, PC and Mac.

You can get PlaNet here:

Google Play

App Store

You can also access PlaNet via your computer at

Be aware that PlaNet is developed for – and should be opened in – the browser Google Chrome.

User or support person?

User: As a PlaNet user, you have access to planning and interacting with your activities. This means you can mark activities as done and check off items in checklists.

Your support persons can be connected as planners, and you can contact one – or more – via the app’s contact modules.

Planner: As a planner, you can create activities for the user, and add supportive functions such as pictures, alarms and checklists. The amount of details in the plan, can be adjusted to meet the need of the individual user.

In addition, you can write directly to the user, or to other support persons, using the contact modules or through the activities.

Support and user guide

If you need technical support, you can send an email to

Acces to Mobilize Me costs 130 euro for a whole year. The price includes a license for the person in need af structure + up to five licenses for the support network.

If you are an institution or school, and you are looking for acces to Mobilize Me, please contact us. We’ll find a price based on your needs.

PlaNet creates coherence

PlaNet creates coherence in the pedagogical effort, because the support persons can share knowledge and follow each other’s communication with the user.

That way double bookings are avoided, and the user gains ownership of the planned activities. Additionally, you can start conversations and connect them to an activity, so all communication about the activity is gathered in one place.

The result is an active and coherent effort, which centers around the user and creates an equal communication

”I bring PlaNet with me everywhere I go, and schedule everything there: school, meetings, homework and chores. Everything I feel the need to include.”
Martin - Mobilize Me
Helene Maria Pedersen
19 years old, Asperger

Is PlaNet a fit for me?

All users are different, and there can be a variety of reasons to why extra daily structure is needed.

The typical user of PlaNet will often recognize one or more of these:

  • Is adult (18+) or on their way to become one
  • Wants to take control of their own life
  • Lacks initiative
  • Easily loses overview
  • Has problems staying focused
  • Is motivated by small messages of recognition
  • Doesn’t want to use a support tool, that looks like an aid

What is the difference between PlaNet and Mobilize Me?

Generally, Mobilize Me is best for persons who need a high degree of visual support.

Furthermore, Mobilize Me is separated into a user part and a planner part, because the typical user is unable to plan their day without the help and support from others.

Many of our users start by using Mobilize Me, and moves over to PlaNet, when they want to take over more of the planning.

PlaNet is for the users, who are moving towards independence, but still need some support.

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