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Digital support tools that creates coherence, gives overview and helps people with cognitive challenges getting a better everyday life.

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Mobilize Me offers a series of digital support tools, which helps people with different cognitive challenges, eg. autism, ADHD, dementia and acquired brain injury.

Mobilize Me

A structural aid tool, that supports the user’s needs by visualizing the day using pictures and time markers.

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PlaNet ikon.


The user’s expanded calendar and the support person’s pedagogical tool.

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“Structure is not a goal in itself – it is the way to a more independent life”
Rikke Daugård
Professional consultant and special educator
Rene Brøndberg-Bras

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Since 2012, Mobilize Me has helped institutions, schools and people in their own home creating a coherent supportive effort, centered around the user’s individual needs. Here you can read some of the stories our users tell us


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“Everybody has the right to a great life. It’s all about creating the right preconditions”
Dorthe Stricker
CEO, Mobilize Me
Rene Brøndberg-Bras
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