From Mobilize Me to PlaNet

A transition from Mobilize Me to PlaNet often occurs when the user desires greater independence. This is the case in the Weidinger family, where the youngest member, Nikolaj, has recently switched from Mobilize Me to PlaNet. Nikolaj’s mother has sent us an account of how they could sense that Nikolaj was ready for the change, and you can read it here.

“We have two boys with autism and anxiety. Both autism and anxiety make it crucial for our boys to have a structured and predictable daily routine. It is simply essential for them to have a good day, knowing what the day will bring.

Up until now, we have used Mobilize Me to structure our youngest son Nikolaj’s day. He has been really happy with it, but as he grows older, he has developed a greater need to structure his day himself. Even though he is only 10 years old, he has a strong desire to be independent.

Typically, we, as adults, structure his day on Mobilize Me, but suddenly we noticed that he had set up a lot of reminders on his iPad. For example, ‘Remember to brush your teeth, Mister!’ and ‘You need to turn off the computer now!’ We inquired about it, and Nikolaj told us that he really likes to take charge of HIS day!

It made a lot of sense, and when he has such a strong need – and is also really good at it – we want to give him the opportunity to transition to PlaNet. Here, he will have a better chance to independently create his own weekly schedule, while we can support him and add a little extra from the sidelines. PlaNet is very simple and intuitive in its structure, so just by looking over his big brother’s shoulder once, he already has it figured out.

So far, he has used his iPad for his schedule/Mobilize Me, but he really wants to be able to use his mobile phone instead, and for that, PlaNet is brilliant. By having PlaNet on his phone, he also becomes more mobile, in the sense that he can have the phone with PlaNet in hand while he is packing his bag, based on the checklist he has created. He has seen his big brother do this with his PlaNet, and he thinks it’s brilliant.

All in all, the leap from Mobilize Me to PlaNet is clearly a strong desire for more independence, more decision-making, and more mobility. We are confident that it is the right choice.

Tina Weidinger