About us

Our history

Everyone has the right to a good life – including neurodivergent individuals.

Everyone has the right to a good life – including neurodivergent individuals.

Mobilize Me is founded on the belief that everyone deserves a good life, and we specialize in helping neurodivergent individuals set up frameworks and create structures that they and their network can fill with meaningful activities and content. We do not define what constitutes a good life, as we understand that everyone’s challenges and needs are different. Therefore, our focus is on adapting our tools to best suit you as a neurodivergent individual, as well as your loved ones and support professionals, to make the most of your daily life.

The Story behind Mobilize Me

The story behind Mobilize Me started with a father, René Brøndberg-Bras, who wanted to improve the daily life of his son with autism. René and his son were tired of the amount of pictograms needed to create the necessary structure for their daily routine. It was difficult to find, print, and laminate the pictures, and his son had to carry folders of pictures across different contexts. Therefore, René invented the app Mobilize Me, which would function as a digital support tool that could replace the analog pictograms.


Parallel to the development of Mobilize Me, the IT company Arosii A/S developed the app PlaNet, which also focused on making daily life easier for young and adult individuals with ADHD through structure and involvement of their network. Arosii A/S and Mobilize Me quickly found that it would be valuable to join forces, and since then, Arosii A/S has been responsible for the technical development of Mobilize Me’s digital tools.

The future

The innovation journey that started back in 2012 is still ongoing today. We continue to work on making everyday life easier for you as a neurodivergent individual, as well as for you as a relative or professional support person. We do this based on high expertise, a user-oriented approach, and a drive to make a difference.

We aim to provide you, as a user of Mobilize Me and PlaNet, with the opportunity to live as independent a life as possible. Therefore, it should be easy to structure your day, adapt activities to your needs, and have your structure at hand wherever you need it. Additionally, it should be easily accessible for you as a relative or professional to support the structure – even at a distance – to get more out of your time and help when needed.


Vi sidder klar alle hverdage fra kl. 10:00-15.00 til at besvare dine henvendelser. Ring til os på + 45 70 70 74 37 eller send os en mail på kontakt@mobilize-me.com