PlaNet fulfills a need we did not know we had

Katja always knew that her 18-year old son, Lucas, had special needs. What she didn’t know, was that he had a big need for structure. Find out how they came to this realization and how they found the right support aid for Lucas.

PlaNet fulfills a need we did not know we had
Katja is the mother of Lucas, who has Dandy-Walker syndrome, which among other things means that he is autistic. The family has always known this, but since Lucas always has appeared high-functioning, his parents have never been aware of the fact that Lucas might have a special need for structure. When Lucas turns 18, he’s summoned to a psychiatric examination, where it turns out that he finds new and unknown situations really difficult. In fact, it is the hardest thing in Lucas’ life, but he has never told his parents or other support persons.

Katja and her husband really want to help Lucas to find methods, that can support him in handling new and unknown situations. The family starts implementing different board systems, but the setup doesn’t speak to Lucas. However, technology does, så the parents start exploring the market of digital support aids, that might help. They discover Mobilize Me and PlaNet, which becomes ”a life changer for the whole family”.

PlaNet becomes Lucas’ companion, and it helps him remembering to take his medication and to get an overview of his everyday life.

“We didn’t know it was a need he had, but we can see it now – where he gets the help – that it makes a huge difference in how Lucas feels. Now he is happy and calm, where we previously sensed that he was a lot more restless.”
Katja and her husband were very surprised, when they realised that Lucas had a need, that they had never discovered.

”We didn’t know, but we do now, and we are so happy that we found this app, that Lucas can use”.
This is why they encourage other parents of children on the autism spectrum or with other special needs, to take another look to find out if their children also need structure in their day to day lives, and to find out what could help them.