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Mobilize Me ApS is a subsidiary of the IT company Arosii A/S. Arosii is behind the technical development of our support aids, and their solid experience within healthcare IT is a great asset for our support aids.
In 2013, Mobilize Me started the cooperation with Arosii, which now owns 55% of the business. Arosii was started in 1999, and is an IT company with 12 employees. Their IT solutions create great human value, and like Mobilize Me, they are driven by a need to challenge and explore current options.  

Special areas of expertise

Arosii is specialized in working with mission critical solutions within healthcare IT, wind energy and energy supply. These domains of knowledge and expertise are characterized by requiring full control of the back-end systems, as they contain large amounts of sensitive data or there are potential serious consequences of operator errors.

IT security

Arosii are specialists within their field, and they are experienced in developing IT solutions within the healthcare sector. Arosii is behind the safety system STS, on the National Service Platform, which ensures that citizens of Denmark can control who has accessed their personal information on the national healthcare platform sundhed.dk.

That experience means that our support aids have an especially secure safety system, that is developed with handling of sensitive data in mind. This is especially important when it comes to our contracts with institutions and municipalities, which require specific security measures. It sets high requirements to IT security, and Arosii fully fulfills those requirements.

IT specialists

Arosii consists of a mix of experienced IT specialists and young talents, whose combination of competences, experience and innovation, provides high value to Mobilize Me’s support aids. They are responsible for frontend and backend development, testing and maintenance of our support aids, in close cooperation with Mobilize Me. Their technical skills are extensive, and their competences include JavaScript, CSS, Angular, SQL, MongoDB, Node.js, .NET and HTML5.

Data protection

Arosii makes sure to stay updated on, and follow current and future standards for data protection. This means that we already handle our data according to EU’s privacy regulations, that enters info force in May 2018.

We are thrilled to be working with Arosii, and we know that our support aids are in the best hands.

Dorthe Stricker


We are ready to answer your calls every workday from 9 AM to 3 PM. Give us a call at + 45 70 70 74 37 or e-mail us at kontakt@mobilize-me.com